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    Unhappy About Our Editor's January 2012 Editorial

    Don, I saw your comment at the end of John Torgerson's Editorial, and found it bit funny, in that I had somehow read your Editorial first, then John's. The unfortunate fact is, that unless what John said comes to pass, namely passage of HR-1351, which Congressman Issa is currently keeping bottled up in Committee, your story's ending is going to drastically change, and NOT for the better. Everything John said in his Editorial is accurate, and what John, I, and countless others need now, is the support of EVERYONE. We need Congressman Issa's phone to ring off the hook, his desk to be piled high with faxes and letters, his Forms based E-Mail Inbox to be jammed, with correspondence from people, demanding that he release HR-1351 a.s.a.p., or even the same Bill with a new number if need be, for a vote in the new Congressional session. This is a time to put our complaining aside for a moment about this or that the USPS does so terribly, and remember that there are people, members of this Club, your neighbors and friends, whose lives will be irreparably damaged, if HR-1351 is not passed. There's an old saying that it is a Recession when your neighbor loses their job, but it is a Depression when you lose yours. Many of us will be slammed by this Depression, if all anyone can do, is carp about how bad the USPS is, and not consider that if it goes by the wayside, what will jump into the void, will NOT be the answer to everyone's problems. We can tweak and fix a viable USPS, we cannot fix the dead.

    Two other points to consider, if the USPS has to close more Post Office locations, and Sorting Facilities, not only will it be more difficult to access the system, but things like Smoke Signals, WILL take even longer to arrive, than they ever did under the current system. The other point, if John, I, and others, who currently work for the USPS lose our jobs, we won't be able to retain our memberships in POCI, participate in ANY Shows, Cruise Nights, Charitable functions, or purchase parts and vehicles, because we won't have a job anymore, and in this ongoing economic Depression, many of us, especially those of us over 50, won't be able to find work.

    Oh, and btw, for those who are about to complain that I shouldn't have interjected politics into this Forum, too late, our Editor already breached that wall in his January Editorial, and added to with the publishing of member John Torgerson's POCI Mailroom comments. Unfortunately, much like in matters automotive/hobby, we no longer have the luxury of burying our heads in the sand, and ignoring the maelstrom around us

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    Sorry about the typo in the Title of this Post.

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    That's a lot of ifs, Ben. Whatever shakes out or doesn't, at the moment, the USPS is trying to improve the situation using the resources they have on hand right now. It may change, it may get worse but it may get better. We are already seeing an improvement in the condition of the mags in the mail boxes. Let the Postmaster General do his job and let's see where this goes before we cue in the dark cloud...

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    Just curious as to when the January issue was mailed out? I have yet to receive mine here in Newhampshire.

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    It should have been there by now - email me your poci member # and I'll get a replacement sent out, send email to
    Paul Bergstrom
    POCI Club Office Mgr.

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    Naperville, Ilinois


    At the risk of being banned and thrown out of POCI, I am in full support of Congressman Issa and the tabling of HR-1351. Sorry.

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