I am a new member of POCI and of this forum so thought I would let you know what I am building. It is a 1964 Tempest Custom Sports Coupe (326 ci auto) which we purchsed in 1981 from the daughter of the original owner. We used it as a second car until the early 1990's and it has had a very hard life. Then it went into long term storage where it sat and gradually rusted away. Brought it out of storage in June of 2007 to begin the long refurbishment process. It has now been 4 1/2 years of on again/off again work. Most people would have just scrapped this car but I just wanted to bring it back to at least solid driver status. Here are a few photos of before and during (actually about 1 year ago). New floor pans have been fitted (still to be welded in) and I am currently installing new rear quarter skins and have the trunk floor cut out with new panels ready to go in.