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    Default 1957 starchief interior

    I had a 57 starhief convertible many years ago and cannot recall the following.
    Was a padded dash offered? and was a leather interior offered? Leather only in the roll / pleated area of the seats? I am restoring a 57 convertible, and there is not much left of the seats.

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    Padded dash was offered and a reproduction is available. You can tell if your car had one if there are a number of slots for attaching nails. If your dash surface is smooth then it was not padded, just painted.

    Star Chief convertible interiors were vinyl. When the Bonneville was introduced it got the leather interior as used on the Star Chief Customs and a few late Star Chiefs got the Bonneville interior on special order. The leather interiors always used leather on the seating surfaces and matching vinyl on the side panels of the seats, door panels, etc. I am sending you a PM.

    Todd Crews
    POCI 1957 Technical Advisor

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    You can determine a lot about how the car was originally configured by the codes on the Fisher Body Data Plate. Go to and click on "Pontiac Info". Near the top of the Pontiac Info page, click on "Identification Tags". Scroll down to "Fisher Body Data Plate (Cowl Tag)". The Fisher Body Data Plate will tell you the original material and colors of the upholstery. SMS ( will likely be able to supply the original materials and will likely be able to supply new upholstered door panels in correct materials.

    If your Pontiac originally had padded dash, the Fisher Body Data Plate should show ACC code "JX".
    Larry Gorden, POCI 1956 Tech Adviser

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