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    Default I'm new here ... where to start ...


    I am new to the forums here, but I have been a POCI member for over a year now. I just purchased a 1952 Pontiac Catalina from a nice person in Wisconsin. I have yet to receive the car, but I plan on getting it within the next month or so.

    I am not a member of the Early times chapter. I was hesitating on this because the forums are hosted by the AACA website. I am looking for the best place to get help/insight/directions/clues/ to help me in my quest to restore the car. Your thoughst on the matter are apreciated. Should I be a member of both? What about the AACA?

    First things first then. What are the best recommended books for the 52. I am assuming that I need the Fisher Body book (does it exist for 52?), a shop manual (which one is best?), and maybe others? I ask the question here because I would prefer to buy from club members here (if they have them for sale), rather than doing the EBAY thing. I understand that originals are preferable to reprints because of the image quality. Is this your findings also?

    I am not certain what level of restoration I will attempt. I won't decide that till I get my hands on the car and inspect it. I am leaning on keeping the car original though.

    I am located on the eastern coast of Canada (New-Brunswick). This will be my first try at restoring an automobile. I have done a few driver quality restorations on early snowmobiles, but I am a rank beginner with cars.

    I have been reading the posts on the forum and I find the information quite useful and the people very friendly.

    Thanks in advance for the help ... cheers


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    Welcome Stephen! If you email me the VIN and the info from the data plate on the firewall (when you get the '52) I'll help you decode the info. I have a '51 sedan delivery, 8-cyl, manual trans. On the website, you can do a member search by province (click the link for the on-line member roster, right hand side), there may be some members close by that can assist and advise too.
    Paul Bergstrom
    POCI Club Office Mgr.

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    Default Books you need

    Actually, there are no specific manuals for 52 only. The 49-50 shop manual with the 51 supplement is the closest one, but there is also a 49-54 shop manual, but it is not as detailed as the 49-50, with the 51 Supplement. The transmission is best covered in the 48-53 Hydramatic transmission manual. The body manual is 49 Fisher Body "B" bodies. There are a series of pamphlets that were sent to dealers monthly. SERVICE CRAFTSMAN NEWS is the best one. Start with the late 1948 ones, and go through 1953 if you can find them. They told the dealer mechanics about new models, running changes, and fixes to problems they discovered. There is also FISHER BODY CRAFTSMAN NEWS. A parts book is great, get one any year after 54, because that shows the interchange with later models. Not only do they list the parts, but they show exploded views of the way things were supposed to go together.
    Join EARLYTIMES CHAPTER. The website is The one you saw hosted at AACA is OAKLAND-PONTIAC WORLD CHAPTER OF AACA. which is a different entity.
    Contact your 49-52 Tech Advisor with other questions.

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    Are those seats blue, or is it just the way the colors in the pictures came out?

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    They look blue to me. they are probably not original. Or maybe some other reason.

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    If they are blue, they are out of a 51 catalina 2537 SD. The upholstery in an SD matches the colors of the exterior--in the case of a 52, that would be Belfaast Green and Seafoam Green. The patterns of the material, and the rest of the seats are the same as 51, or for tah matter, 50 Catalina 2537 SD, just the color is different.

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    The Early Times Chapter does have a forum on the AACA website. On the Chapter homepage, click on "ETC Forum" and it will take you to the Pontiac Flathead Owners forum. ETC also produces a very informative newsletter.


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