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    Default Most valuable restaration of a starchief convertible

    I am wondering which of two color combinations will give the most value for resale after restorations.
    My cars VIN tag has paint as REE. This is Carib Coral with Chateau Grey in the side arrow. I think this color is ugly, and especially the interior. I would prefer the colors Kenya Ivory with Cordova Red. ( I had one this color years ago).
    How much value will I lose if the colors do not match the VIN?

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    A coral convertible was used in the 1957 brochure and some people (including me) think the coral and gray to be extra desirable, very 1950s. But switching to red and white will rarely hurt resale value much nowdays.

    In my opinion the loss of value will depend on the level of restoration you achieve. If this is to be among the nicest 1957 restorations, with matching numbers and perfect correct restoration throughout then this color change could prevent this car from being a top POCI show car (POCI judging checks these codes for points judging).

    If it is very high quality WITHOUT matching numbers but very correct otherwise it could be successfully shown in AACA where they do not judge codes. If the car has other modifications or non-matching numbers and/or you are not doing a full professional restoration for judging then it is probably not a big issue, maybe 10% off or so (my own unofficial opinion) and maybe not even that much. Consider going original and good luck,

    Todd Crews
    POCI 1957 Technical Advisor

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    TININDN Guest


    Ditto -

    That original color combo is very period correct and sharp - in my opinion

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