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    Question 57 Starchief paint color

    I have started restoration of a 1957 Starchief convertible. Can someone tell me if the bottom of the floorpan is painted the same color as the body even if it is kenya ivory (white). I have seen pictures of other Starchiefs in green and in blue that are painted the same on the bottom of the floor pan.

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    Hello Rod, all 1957 convertible bodies were primed completely with red oxide primer, then the body exterior was painted but the color was not sprayed underneath. There was often plenty of body color overspray but the underbody was never painted completely except in the rear wheelhousings where seeing primer was not desirable. If you see a 1957 convertible body painted underneath that car has been over-restored.

    In using the PPG DP primer line I found that mixing about 70% red oxide and 30% black got the color about right. Good luck with yours,
    Todd Crews
    POCI 1957 Technical Advisor

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    Thanks Todd, I had no idea that red oxide primer was used. Is this PPG product a primer sealer? Primers usually allow moisture to pass through to the metal.

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    TININDN Guest


    Rod -

    Where I've used Red Oxide to maintain originality I've used flat clear over the top to seal it up better -

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    That is probably not a bad idea, but the DP series is an epoxy with excellent sealing and rust resistance, I do not think additional clear is necessary. I have been using the DP primers for over 20 years and have had no rust reappear in that time, even when parts were (unwittingly) stored in damp conditions. I swear by this primer, it is $$$ but it is worth it.

    Older lacquer primers were indeed quite porous, one reason these old cars did not resist rust so well back in the day. Good luck,

    Todd Crews
    POCI 1957 Technical Advisor

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