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    Default Pontiac engine ID

    I had an opportunity to buy a 389 engine and automatic transmission and unfortunately, the seller had little info on the engine. It has stampings on the passenger side of the block in front of 287553 Y B. there seems to be conflicting info on these codes on the Internet.

    Can anyone shed light on what I have?

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    TININDN Guest


    Bob -

    What is the date code (back of block near distributor) of the engine?

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    Thanks Dave. At the rear of the engine, I have :
    D 9778789
    A 10 6

    Transmission is stamped on top with 894J
    Side tag is PD66 81168

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    1966 389 2 bbl. relook at the YB? did you read those two letters correctly?

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    Thank you. This is very interesting. The engine has a 4 barrel carb. I was told the engine came out of a Grand Prix and that it was an original to that car.

    I rechecked the YB code and it is correct. I plan to clean the engine up and will be able to provide photos. Again, thanks for everyone's help. This is what makes POCI membership beneficial. Let's all try and do more to promote Forum participation.

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    Default Engine Codes

    Wallace Racing has a good database of engine codes for all Pontiac's.
    Go to

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