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    Default '63 Pontiac Grand Prix

    I bought a '63 Grand Prix that has a Hurst Shifter. Was this a factory original or was it added after the fact? I can't seem to get a correct answer to this question.

    Thank You

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    My friend had bought a '64 GP to restore and it did not have a Hurst shifter. A small diameter scrawney looking shifter. Almost all round stick hurst shifters are factory style issue. Flat stick are usually after market. If you're car is equipped with a round stick shifter, it may have come from a GTO. On the shifter housing there is a date code, the last 2 didgits should be the year of manufacter. I hope this helps. Steve
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    Larry, I would suggest you try to contact Jack "Doc" Watson of Hurst Shifter fame or Jim Wangers with that question. I beleive that Doc still lives in Michigan and Jim's email address is very well known. I know that Hurst shifters were installed for Super Duty cars in '63. That's what lead to the GTOs getting Hurst shifters. That said, as you suspect, your shifter could have also been a dealer or aftermarket add on too. Having a Hurst shifter would still make your car period correct. It just might not be the OEM shifter.

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