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    Default 1977 Catalina Safari Overheating

    I have a 1977 Safari with the 301 2V V-8. After replacing a leaky radiator, I picked up an overheating issue. When you start the engine cold and let it warm up, the in-dash temp gauge goes to 260+ deg. until you rev the engine hard which then seems to open the thermostat and goes down to 220 deg. I replaced the thermostat 3 times with no change. Installed a mechanical gauge under hood which reads about 20 deg cooler(245) but still needs to have the engine revved before it levels off at 205 deg., checked radiator and seems to have good flow, pulled water pump and checked the impeller, everything looked okay. Engine runs smooth and quiet and does not smoke. Not really sure if losing or using any fluids because I worried the high temps may toast it. I know there were some issues with the 301's but does anyone remember this type of problem. If this is engine is on its last legs, what difficulties would there be in swapping in a 400 from a '78 Trans Am, such as motor mounts, exhaust mainfolds, brackets etc.

    Thanks for any help, I'm at a loss which way to go.

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    when you pulled the pump, how did the plates and rubber donut gaskets on the water tubes look? which impeller is there? stamped metal or cast iron? impeller tight on the shaft? is heater water control valve working? lastly how about exhaust heat riser valve?

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    Sorry for not getting back earlier, been under the weather the last couple of weeks(month). The plates were in good shape, the o-rings looked good and also added a little silicone sealant to them. Don't remember the type of impellar, water pump was replaced before this all happened and seemed to have very good flow when looking down the radiator fill tube. The exhaust riser heat valve moves freely, when cold the actuator is fully entended and pulls in when started, but never saw it move once engine was warmed up. Should it be in or out when engine is up to operating temperature?

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