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    Default A few pictures of my Norwalk trip!!

    Here are some pics of my trip to Norwalk Ohio August of this year!!

    First picture is leaving the house in Phoenix Arizona.
    Second picture is Tucumcari New Mexico.
    third picture is StLouis Mo.
    Fourth picture is in front of the new Pontiac museum in Pontiac Il.
    Fifht picture is in front of the Air Force museum in Dayton Ohio.
    Sixth picture is on the show field in Norwalk Ohio.

    4460 miles round trip & 6 quarts of oil out the rear main seal!!

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    Here are some more pics, Steve Barcak with Tim & Penny Dye at the Pontiac Museum in Ill.
    Missles at the Air force museum in Dayton Oh.
    Valkeri Plane at Air Force museum.
    Tempest show field in Norwalk

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    Finally got everything loaded to my photobucket page with captions,,,, Of course, I loaded everything backwards so will need to work your way forward from page 21. There is over 300 pictures here of the trip to Norwalk including stops at the Pontiac museum in Pontiac Ill & the air space museum in Dayton Ohio. Here is the link to my photobucket page if anyone is interested.

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