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    Default Blower motor replacement on 66 GP with Factory Air

    Do you have to remove the inner fender to remove the blower motor on a 66 GP with Air. The shop manual does not explain how to do it with Air.

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    According to my 1966 Pontiac Chassis Service manual, doesn't matter whether it's an A/C car or not. They mention A/C in the diagrams, but there's nothing in the listed remove/install procedures that mentions removing any body parts. Basically says to unbolt & bolt in a new one.

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    What they did at the dealerships was to chop a hole in the inner fender and then access the motor that way. Then they welded a patch back in. There is no way to unbolt it from an a/c car with the fender in place.

    What I have done is to take out all the bolts out attached to the inner fender and use wood shims, blocks & a rubber mallet to loosen the fender and roll it to the inside. Then you can access the motor and replace. The replacements are not as good as the originals b/c they do not have the rubber insulating ring on them. If you could have one rebuilt you would get a better result for your efforts.

    I have done it this way twice. It is nerve wracking b/c you have to work the sheetmetal to get it to where you want, but I did not incur any damage either time other than some pinched fingers.

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    Another way we did it "back in the day" was to use a panel cutter and cut a "door" in the inner fender, bend it open, replace the motor, bend the "door" back in place, install sheet metal screws in the corners to hold it shut and seal up the places you cut with roofing tar. Of course this depends on how nice your car is and if you would want to do this. Pontiacs were always known as very hard cars to replace the blower motors on.

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