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Thread: OHC6 question

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    Default OHC6 question

    I have a 40 coupe that has languished while I had kids. Neither daughter wants to work on this fine project; I thought teenage daughters lived to get greasy in the garage?
    Took the original block to a machine shop, and magnafluxing revealed two parallel cracks in the water jacket at the distributor flange. Ugh. My options are to find another 40 block, swap in a Chevy 235 (a friend has one available) or, the craziest idea, find a 66-69 OHC6. Is this last idea (the OHC6) just sheer madness? Are these engines available? Will I have to mortgage my house? Are parts available? Will it fit? Will this support my daughters insistence that their dad doesn't know anything? I would like to keep the car as stock as possible, but be able to cruise on the highway. I live in Montana, and it is typically a long way to anything, so cruising at 65 would be nice. Keeping the powerplant Pontiac is most desirable.
    Any suggestions? Thanks, Steve

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    if you decide on the OHC-6, give member Richard McDonough a call 775-727-0881, he's in the process of liquidating a bunch of OHC-6 stuff, he;s in Pahrump, NV
    Paul Bergstrom
    POCI Club Office Mgr.

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    Default Steve, Try this web site. OHC 6's are still available.

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    get a 64 or 70-72 Pontiac straight 6 cylinder. avoid the OHC, the head, camshaft, valve train, timing cover, timing belt, manifolds are all somewhat unique and a pain. Prices are usually fair, but maintenance \ parts can be no fun.

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