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Thread: 350 chevy motor

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    Question 350 chevy motor

    Hi, could anyone tell me if i`l have any problems with putting in a Jegs preformance 350-290 hp in my 1955 2 dr. chieftan,its gonna also have a 400 tranny.Is there a set of headers that will bolt up to this motor with the use of the original steering column and steering box.without modification . Is the engine frame area in respect to engine and tranny installation,(placement of engine and tranny mounts ) the same as the 55 chevy,(what is the difference?)any and all replys are greatly appreciated!!! Classic chevy manuals help somewhat but I`m dealing with a Pontiac and they are more in nature to Olds,Buick and Caddy,in front frame design.Thank You to all that help!!! Tom
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    Hi Tommy, since no one else has chimed in I will. I guess "problems" is a relative term. In my opinion putting a Chevy engine in this car is a big problem because nothing will bolt in, you will have to fabricate engine mounts and everything else. If anyone says it is easy ask them if they have actually done it with a Pontiac and not a Chevy. If it is a Chevy person disregard any claims, the Pontiac mechanicals are completely different. 1955 Chevy brakes and steering are completely different, even placement of the starter and battery is on the wrong side.

    However, if you are an experienced street rodder and have done other engine swaps and already expect to build everything from scratch then this may be no problem. But if not, beware anyone who says it is easy.

    Todd Crews
    POCI 1957 Technical Advisor

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    tech advisor : Todd Crews: U was absolutlly right!!!! (8-11---9 MONTHS LATER 6-12 ) I didn`t do the work myself for the fact of the matter is, I`m not automobile savie,or have the tools necessary.but my brothers friends who build race cars for fun and pleasure thought it was,easy at first but were not very happy when they got into doing the EXORCISM of---Chevy to 1955 Pontiac transplant motor job, Alot of motor mount fabrication,measuring,make shifting parts,calls to jeggs for parts,ect ... thinking it was easy to them,was a NIGHTMARE!!!!! Changing an old Pontiac motor to a new Chevy motor is no HAPPY FIZZES PARTY,but having a good brother, whose friends know and have extremely great mechanical knowledge of what will and won`t work is soooo rewarding and trust worthy ...Thank You Todd for the pre warning!!!!! The reason for change? local parts stores (NAPA ect...)don`t have parts for the 1955 287 motor, and if your at a show & cruze ,100 miles away or more and you have a breakdown, your at someones mercy for HELP or just SOL.,,,,,,,its nice to have an OLD lookin machine And Modern running.again !!!!! Tommy
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    Well, glad you ended up with the result you wanted--at least you did not end up half done and unable to finish like some people who take on this "easy" job.

    Todd Crews
    POCI 1957 Technical Advisor

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    is the 287 engine for sale ?, i would never be afraid to drive a 1955 pontiac with a 287 to anywhere in the 48 states. charles coker, 1953 pontiac tech advisor.

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    I thought about selling my 2 dr ,air conditioned (some parts missing) hard top with this motor put in it(.It ran fine with the auto tranny), the hard top is partially apart and needs rehab but far from being a field car. $ 4000.00 firm: color, turquois/white -2 motors,and 2 trannys go with it too! Thank you for the reply!!!!!

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    How did your car turn out?I plan on doing the same thing.See my comments titled "Small Block Chevy in a '56" in the beginning of these posts.

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    A few years ago I put a 1976 Pontiac 400 and T400 in my 1957. Used Indian Adventures motor mounts. Easy job even used stock exhaust manifolds.

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    I found my transmission mount in Ecklers catalog.They make two different bolt-in mounts to fit in the x-frame depending on what trans you want to use.I just have to figure out if Chevy side mount conversion kits will fit in the Pontiac.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lpppalmm59 View Post
    How did your car turn out?I plan on doing the same thing.See my comments titled "Small Block Chevy in a '56" in the beginning of these posts.
    I changed gears and am rebuilding the 316 in my '56!

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