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Thread: cooling issues

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    Default cooling issues

    I have a 1969 Custom "S" 350/350TH mild engine build cam,headers,intake,heads changed. Changed rear gear from a 2.89 to a 3.73 posi. I realize she is running at higher revs but T have installed a 160 thermostat and moved the fan closer to the radiator(4" spacers). Side streets 25-35mph it runs at 190-200...but at 55+ she runs 210+. Any help would be great. My only other option is another electric fan pushing air thru radiator.
    Thanks Jim

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    Old or new radiator, how's the flow throught it?
    Steve Naresky

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    When an engine heats up at expressway speeds it's usually a coolant circulation problem. It may also be an ignition or valve timing problem. If either the ignition or valve timing is late (retarded) it will heat up. You'll also notice loss of power and late transmission shifting, if it's an automatic. If you don't have other symptoms besides heating up at expressway speeds, it's going to be a circulation problem. HTH. -Jim

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