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Thread: Soundfile

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    Default Soundfile


    On my 'quest' to a new exhaust for my Starchief, I'm still not decided wether I'll put a dual system or a single system under my car...Now, does maybe anyone have a decent soundfile of a 287cui with a single or dual exhaust ? Unfortunately I got my car with a broken engine, an the fact that I'm the only guy around here, driving a '55 Pontiac, doesn't make it very easy for me to to choose between single and dual, because I never heard a 'normal' 287cui !
    I know, for a dual I got to cut a hole in the frame, but Pontiac did that with the '56 as well, and both cars are sharing the same chassis.

    Thanks for any help,
    Ernest K.

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    The stock dual exhaust on my '55 Chieftain's stock 287 sounds really good to me, but not necessarily intimidating like a souped up motor with more hp. I would consider it a 'normal' 287cui sound. I'm not sure if you already purchased a system, but I could find some way to send you a sound clip if you need one...

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    That would be great if you could send me a soundfile of your car !! I still have no idea how a decent exhaust system does sound ...


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    I emailed you a sound clip of my exhaust. I made it on my laptop so the sound quality is not great. I was going to make a second one, but all my neighbors started mowing their lawns, haha. Let me know if you get the email and the clip. Good luck!


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