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    Default 67 GP HEI conversion question

    New to POCI, but loving the site so far!

    Trying to complete my engine rebuild and conversion to HEI distributor. Having trouble finding the right wire that stays 12V with key through cranking and remains 12v with key in on position. Any help would be appreciated as I do not have the wiring diagram. Or does anyone know if I can locate the inline resistor and delete?

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    there is not one. 12 volt during cranking, but there is not one convenient with ignition on. suggest you check one side of the fuse panel that is only live (12 volts) with the key on. Then take a wire from there thru firewall direct to coil. there is no inline resistor. GM used a smaller gauge wire for resistance, no point to cutting up wiring harness to bypass the wire.

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