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Thread: running hot

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    Default running hot

    I have a built 350 Edelbock carb intake aluminum heads headers.A new 4-core radiator was installed with a 180 degree thermostat. New water pump as well. The car had a 2.89 non posi rear which I swapped out a Ford 9" 3.73 posi. Before the rear end swap the car never ran over 200 degrees now however she runs hot 210-220. Any clues to keep her cooler would be great. Yes it has the factory shroud and fan and it all works fine. Trying to keep a cool head!!

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    If the motor stayed cool before the rear end swap, then it should have little effect on the engine temperature. I suspect you might have an air bubble in your cooling system. You replaced your radiator, thermostat, and water pump. You might have an introduced an air pocket that is preventing the water from circulating effectivetly to cool the motor.

    You didn't install the thermostat upside down did you?

    Personally, I run a Mr. Gasket wide mouth thermostat to maximize my water flow, but that is personal preference.

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    check clearance on water pump backing plate and coolant hose gaskets? what type of fan? since you changed rear ends, now the same speed as before means that the engine rpms are higher accordingly which is more heat load and more cooling necessary. 200-210 is not bad and with alum heads, get better heat transfer. headers have added heat under hood. Assume radiator is cross flow with overflow tank. using the correct radiator cap for overflow? Radiator alum or copper? using a shroud? The rear end change has increased cooling needs.

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