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    Default transmission trouble

    I installed a B&M shift kit in a TH350. I took it for a drive and it does not shift into 3rd gear. Any clues to why would be great. Is it the kick down cable...fluid level...I only went about 4-5 milkes then back home. Thanks

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    Default kozak re; 350 trans

    It is hard to tell what someone has done when your not there watching but check to see that the kickdown cable is not locked up in full out position, that you have good vacuum to your modulator, if you have screwed around with the springs in the governer make sure they are in place and that the valve moves freely, if all is OK then remove the valve body and check the check ball for correct location and that the valve body gaskets are in there correct locations. If everything checks out and the trans still doesn't go call me at 859-623-1883. John...
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    hey John...all is well now with trans. Thank you!

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