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    Default 56 Star Chire rear tire remocal and install problem

    In order to remove or install the rear tires I have to let all the air out to get them in or out of the wheel well. The tires are Coker-Firestone 3in white wall 710x15. There is a 1/8 inch lip around the edge of the whitewall where it meets the side wall. Also my spare is a Michelin 215-75 x 15 it is also a tight fit. Has anyone had these tire problems? For new tires I am thinking of using 670 bias or 205 radial. Any thoughts on this? Thanks for any input
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    I am having the same problem with my 1958 StarChief and the car has the correct Radial size that is supposed to replace the orig bias size. I loosend the shock and the rear end dropped about 1 1/8". This helped. Ibelieve the car has wrong shocks and have ordered a new set to install. 063670 watts

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    Thanks for the Info - its worth a try, How ever I pun on new shocks fron Kanter shortly after I purchased the car

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    I didn't stop to think, your car probly has leaf springs and my 58 has coil springs, longer shocks may not lower your rear end. Removing the bottom of the shock from the support let my car drop between 1 and 1 3/8 inches.

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