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    Default help electricle problems

    first off evrything worked last year.But now my idiot lights for hot and oil doesnt work turn signals work ok unless you turn on parking or headlights then very spuratic. the right rear light comes on when park or headlights on even when bulb is out of socket so far have replaced sockets cleaned turn signal switch and headlight switch replaced both oil and temp sensors also small white wire on ignition switch that is a resitor wire? to coil gets pretty warm while Im testing is this normal any help would be great Ok i have my blinker problem figured out I replaced the sockets and there little grounding clip is useless I ran a small wire to it and to a ground and they work now I still wonder about the idiot lights (hot and oil)not working when I turned the key on but dont start the engine also still wonder about the coil resistance wire that comes off the ignition getting warm-hot will that go away when motor runs? Never mind all seems to be fine now
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  2. Default electcicity

    You are on the right track when checking your ground wire. Start at batt and move on. clean contacts from motor to chassis and on down the road. Once that is done, even the little ones that go to your brake lights then at least you can rule out a bad ground. It is usually the ground. Then its the hot getting grounded when it shouldn't.

    Good luck

  3. Default

    Coil and wire will get hot if you leave the ignition on and engine not running. Don't do it for entended periods of time unless you disconnect the positive coil wire. The "temp" light comes on when you crank engine over not when you just turn key on. Make sure your neutral safty switch works (so you dont start in gear) then move shift lever to drive and turn key to start position. Temp light should come on. Do you have any blown or corroded fuses? If you ground wire to temp or pressure sensor with key on light should come on.

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