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  1. Default tempas torque rebuild

    Hello again! Thanks to John I recieved a rebuild kit for the tempestorque trans out of my '63 lemans from Fatsco trans. Now that it is apart I am searching for the converter stator. (splined retainer which the converter rides on.) Mine has been damaged where the converter bushing rides.

    Also searching for a better planetary. There is only one in this particular trans.

    Thanks for any info.
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    Have you tried TRANSTAR?

    Also try TEAL Automotive, Dunkirk IN.

    Either may or may not have what you need available

  3. Default tempastorue rebuild

    Thanks Mike,
    The guys at Fatsco had a planetary and gasket kit! They also had the bushing needed for the converter, which I am still waiting on. Installation should be smooth and I am looking forward to cruising the Seattle viaduct before it gets demolished.

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