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  1. Default 65 Pontiac Bonneville

    I have (2) 65 Bonneville Convertibles. One that I call my "driver" car (picture is in the member info on the POCI site) & one that I bought as a "donor" car. I was eventually going to put the which I thought was a 389 from my "donor" car into my driver. Because some owner before me had put a Pontiac 350 engine in my "driver" car. Which I was just putting up with till I could find a 389 in it. That's why I bought the "donor" car, thinking it had a 389 in it. Which I found out happily later was really a 421 instead with a 400 trans attached & a limited slip differential. So, now I have a delimma of which car to continue to put my efforts (and money) into. My car & motorcycle buddies have been pressuring me to rebuild the possibly matching numbers "421" car. This is why I am trying to find out if the car with the 421 in it is "really" a numbers matching car. Which, for obvious reasons, I know would be the one to redo. But if it isn't a numbers matching car, then I may continue to do what I planned originally by swapping the 421/400 trans into my "driver" car. I have attached a copy of the all info I have been able to find so far on the 421 car. I have gone on line to find out what constitutes a numbers matching car. But, I am a little confused with the numbers on the block that are supposed to match the last 6 digits of the VIN. Is this the number that is stamped on the front right of the block where the "YH" is stamped? I have been told that that number is just the engine production code & that the number I should be looking for is on the back right of the block near the #8 cyl. It has the "transfer lug" & the "YH" stamp which makes it a 421, right???? I ran a PHS check, it came back that this car was invoiced to be built on 1/29/65 with a 421 in it. The casting numbers by the distributor is L264, at the front of the intake manifold is L204 & on the differential is that fits as to being made before the invoice build date....right???? Any help with this would be greatly appreciated......Thanks
    ....One other thing. Originally it was built with a power bench seat & a column shifter in it. I thinking, if I do rebuild the "421" car about putting (if I can find them) bucket seats & console shifter in it. Will that effect the value of the car????

    Please reply to Ron via email
    Paul Bergstrom
    POCI Club Office Mgr.

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    email sent.

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