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Subject: 1964-1965 GTO

I know this is a long shot but I thought I would take it anyway.

In the spring of 1964 my grandfather took delivery of a new 1964 GTO Coupe from Holmes Pontiac in Shreveport LA. The car was gold with a black vinyl top and black interior. It was a 4bbl,automatic transmission car. That summer a mechanic from Holmes did some moonlighting and helped my grandfather install the 3x2 set up. The car had mechanical linkage, my grandfather did not trust the vacuum linkage.

The car was involved in a minor accident when it was rear ended. The car was repaired but never to his satisfaction.

The '64 was replaced by a 1965 Coupe. Identical in every way except this car was ordered with the 3x2's. Again, I believe this car came from Holmes Pontiac in Shreveport. My grandfather was the plant manager at the L-O-F glass plant in Shreveport.

In 1966 the GTO was traded, again at Holmes,, for a 1966 Catalina. My grandfathers health was declining and the GTO just would not work any more.

It has been over 40 years now and I still think about both of those cars. If anyone in your group has ever crossed trails with these cars, I would like to hear about them. My e-mail address is whiteley9468@aol.com