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    Tim Bullion Guest

    Default Advise on 2" Drop spindles

    Anyone out there recommend a source or particular brand of compatible 2"drop spindles for my 55 chieftain wagon? I'm also thinking about front disc brakes, any suggestions? Does anyone ever respond to junior members, or is everyone clueless?
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    No clue on the drop spindles.

    I'm pretty sure does a disc conversion for your car.

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    I have a '55 Safari modified wagon that has a Fatman Front End and my complaint was that it sat too low in front. Some like the look, but when tires start rubbing the fenders, you lose interest in the low look fast. Here is a picture of my two Safaris - the one on the left is original - the modified is on right and this was after I added heavier springs to bring up the front end to a reaonable level. I wouldn't be too anxious to lower the front end.

    See more pictures of both Safaris at

    Attached Images Attached Images

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    I just put disc brakes on the front of my 55 wagon. They are on there but it took a lot of improvising to get them on. I purchased them from Performance online and I would not recomend them to anyone. There instructions are not much and you have to do some grinding and modifications that they do not mention.

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