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    Default 1964 full size,disc brake conversion, sway bar

    What can I use to convert the front brakes of a 1964 GP to power disc brakes? I was once told to use 1969 to 1972 full size but those parts are imposible to find. Anything else fit?
    Also, is there a thicker front sway bar that will fit?

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    Addco Makes a bar. sells brackets and a parts list to add discs to your car.


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    Hi I put a rear sway bar on my 1964 GP. Makes it handle like a new car. Stays flat in the turns. If you have not already converted to discs & have 8 lug wheels, keep the 8 lugs & have the drums rebult. See Ron Panzer's article in old edition of Smoke signals. Sway bar info.
    1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964 full size Pontiac rear stabilizer 3/4" sway bar with all bushings, brackets, mounts and hardware included. This sway bar is the correct original factory Pontiac style that mounts aft of the rear axle assembly and to the frame. Your car will handle the corners flat and stable, firming your ride and eliminating body roll.

    The style that mounts between the lower control arms in front of the rear end is not the correct type for these cars.

    Also Available 1957-1958 Pontiac Rear Sway Bar that fits the full size cars. Comes with all bushings, brackets, mounts and hardware.

    Note: The 1962, 1963, 1964 full size cars have deleted the bottom bolt hole in the axle housing. We do offer a mounting kit that is required for a convenient, easy installation. The mounting kit has right hand/left hand weld on corners and doubler plates. The mounting kit is not necessary for the 1959, 1960, 1961 full size cars. Add $46.95 for the kit.

    For additional information you can contact us at Fabcraft Metalworks 800-208-8242.

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