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    Default Clear Glass Fuel Filters - Just Say No !!

    If you remember Chemistry class from High School,nothing transfers heat over a Bunson burner better than glass. That said,I will relate the following... I had a `68 Pro-Street Firebird with a mild 455, new 4-core radiator,and a dual feed Edelbrock Carb.
    The engine temp never crested 195. During the Summer,every time I took the car to a Cruise Night or Car Show on a typical hot day/night I could pop the hood and within minutes witness fuel beginning to boil in both glass and chrome fuel filters. They were both well elevated off of the valve cover in an area of sufficient air flow. By the end of the evening, the fuel had boiled away and caused a hard-start condition due to what I could only consider vapor-lock. After some frustration,I replaced both glass filters with traditional in-line filters...and never had the problem again !
    I also ran one of these " show filters " on another Pontiac and had one of the two O-Rings that are at opposite ends of the glass section fail catastrophically. Luckily,the filter was not near the exhaust manifold !
    I heartily suggest any of you running this ticking time bomb for your fuel filtering needs to rid your vehicle of them ASAP...
    ESPECIALLY if you have it located anywhere road debris might kick up and shatter the glass element.
    I can't believe how many of these I see on irreplaceable show cars........
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    I agree completely! As a side note, DO NOT use these filters at the local drag strip as they (may or will), depending on the sanctioning organization, fail you in tech inspection. I saw quite a bit of this when I was an inspector. While you`re at it, check your rubber fuel lines for cracking and be sure you are using hose that is STAMPED" fuel line". Better safe than sorry.....

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