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    Default 65 LeMans hot water shutt-off vacuum valve.

    I wanted to pass on to all who have been looking for a hot water shut-off vacuum valve, after much searching I found that Ecklers corvette section makes two versions one for the 64 late-67 years and one for the 63-64 early years. I have not received my order but by the picture it looks like a good match.

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    Unhappy Update on vacuum valve

    Received the valve, and it works in reverse of what I need. When the valve plunger is pushed and the heater lever on the dash is set to warm the valve is closed and the hot water valve receives no vacuum and is shut off. I need one that opens and sends vacuum to the hot water valve when the heater switch on the dash is set to warmer.

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    Okay I know I'm talking to myself, but if anyone has the same problem of missing the hot water shut off water valve that is mounted on the top of the heater box and controls the water valve in the engine compartment then I stand corrected this valve form Ecklers will work, it did function as need the only modification was drilling additional holes in the mounting bracket to make it fit. Sorry for the confusion but my mistakes are expressed in hopes that you don't have to experience the same headache and wast the time I did.

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    I follow you. it never sends vacuum.

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