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    Default Location of voltage regulator on a '68 GP

    Hello. My '68 GP just received a new battery and alternator, but we have bee unable to find the external voltage regulator. We looked on the firewall, near the battery, and even near the radiator supports, but we cannot find either the existing voltage regulator or -- if it is missing -- where it should go. I looked in the 1968 Pontiac service manual but did not find a helpful diagram. Can anyone please help? Thanks in advance.

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    It's probably an internally regulated car. IIRC 68 was the first yr for this and The Grand Prix was the intial release platform. If the 2 wire Connector on the Alt's terminal are located like this - - then it's an internally regulated unit. If they're located like this l l

    Hope this helps.

    Mike Nixon

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    If you have the 63 AMP alternator the voltage regulator is inside of the alternator. Hope that helps! Jim

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