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    Smile 62 Tempest Safari floor, trunk and fuel tank repair

    I just purchased a 62 Tempest Custom Safari from Washington State. While Mechanically and structurally it is in decent shape, rust has claimed the front floor pans, some of the rear floor pan, the trunk or rear deck pan, and the fuel tank. The rockers and quarters are in good shape as is the subframe.

    Here is my question. Has anyone found floor pans out there that will work for this car? Will Corvair floor pans work with some modification?

    Does anyone know who might be selling replacement fuel tanks? Also need help on the trunk/rear deck sheet metal. If not available what else could be modified to work. Any help or suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

    Steve Middleton

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    Steve, The floor pans from any 61-62 Tempest will work for repair untill you come to the rear areas behind the rear seat. For that you will need metal from a donar car. The fuel tanks are all the same for all models of 61-62 to include the Safari. For sheet metal, contact Steve Barcak in Maricopa AZ. If he cant help you, I know this yard in Az has several 61-62's that still have good floor pans. No wagons though.


    PS!!! Welcome to POCI!!! Also check out the Little Indians chapter of POCI

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