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  1. Default 1962 Pontiac Parisienne Convertible

    This car just popped up on eBay in my home town, Birmingham, Al. Is the Parisienne built on the Booneville chassis or the the shorter Catalina. Car appears to have a 283 and I assume a powerguilde tranny. Any info on 62 Parisieene convertibles would be helpful.

    Jim Cox
    64 Catalina Ventura
    68 GTO
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    Pariesienne is a Canadian built car with an Impala chassis. Note the narrower wheelebase. there will be several other differences from a US built Pontiac also.


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    Jim, the Canadian Pontiac has complete Chevy Drive train, It's a Pontiac body[Cdn] dropped on a chevy chassis!! You were able to order it new, with a 261, 6 cyl. 283, 348 & possibly 409 V8's[I can't remember when the 409 came out]When it comes to parts,everything under the body is Chevy, & body is Canadian, [shorter than US models] This info coming from "north of the Border"
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