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  1. Default rally stripes on 69 pontiac

    has anyone seen rally stripes (hood top truck, dual or single) on a 69 lemans that look good and are an option to keep away from it looking like i'm trying to imitate the gto (side stripes)? suggestions?

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    the only stripe i've seen that looks decent on a 68-9 A body is the Bobcat paint scheme. I HATE The Chevelle stripes on a Pontiac.

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    Hi. I Have an idea for you. Until you find or create something permanent for your car, you might consider going to a sign maker. Let me explain. I live in Florida, EVERYTHING is covered in vinyl! City Buses, Radio Station Promotional vans, imports (like in fast n furious movie), You get my point. If the shop owner lets you have access to his computer you will be able to experiment with his programs and/or see pics of his work. Some shops print vinyl making portraits, real flame, whatever, be creative, possibilities are endless. The 2 best parts...... Affordable and comes off easy!


    Make some photo copies of a white car in different poses. use crayons, markers, or colored pencils to experiment with colors and designs till u get what you want. Hope this helps, Have fun! Mike

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