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Thread: 1954 info

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    Default 1954 info

    I was just left a 1954 Starchief by my stepfather who recently passed away. While decoding the VIN I discovered that the transmition code on my car is not one found on the decoder. My code is "ZA" and the automatic trans code should be "ZH". I was just curious if this means anything. Also I'm not finding many places to buy parts for a pre 55. Any suggestions.

    Thank You

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    I would not worry about that code. As far as parts, get a catalog at for California Pontiac Restoration (CPR), who specializes in 1950s Pontiacs.

    The 1954 Star Chief is a great car, very attractive and the most upscale Pontiac to that time, quite popular then. Normal mechanical parts are available from CPR and advice is here at POCI. Good luck and enjoy,

    Todd Crews
    POCI 1957 Technical Advisor

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    Thank you.

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    Default 54 Pontiac

    You need to join Early Times Chapter. Early Times is specfically dedicated to Flathead Pontiacs. There are many suppliers of parts and supplies for early Pontiacs who advertise in Smoke Signals. Many more advertise in ETCetera because it is target marketing. I have been amazed at how many parts are available from full service stores such as NAPA, if you can get the guy away from the computer screen and dig out the old books. I have a couple stores locally who are happy to dig out the books, and make a few phone calls if necessary, to deliver parts the next day. I look for things a lot more ancient and obscure than Pontiacs. If you need some help, just contact me, your friendly 49-52 Tech advisor. I think Reid wil help you even better nthat I can because he actually still drives them all over the country.l

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    Sent the check out today to ETC

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    hi matt, your vin code has only a single letter to id transmission type, not two letters, one letter for hydra-matic, or one letter for sycro-mesh , charles coker, 1953 pontiac tech advisor

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    One more ? then I'll move on to actually rebuilding my "new" Starchief. I went to the ETC page and they have a tag decoder. Only 1 problem. My body style is a 2869wsd -5430. which doesn't appear on the tag decoder. Not a big deal right now since I have ALOT of work to go until it will be ready for the road but It would be nice to know. Once I get to that point I would like to put it back to close to the original.
    Last edited by matt77; July 7th, 2010 at 16:29.

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    2869WSD is the 4 door sedan custom star chief. It means that the color combination of the exterior is the same as the interior colors. Like if your exterior is Beloxy Beige and winter white, then your interior was the same color when it left the factory. 5430 doesn't match any of the color codes I have in my manual, the one that could most eaasily be confused with it would be 5420, Raven Black and Cirro gray.

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    A pic of the body tag. Is there a "historical club" that i can contact? I have read that pontiac did a lot of experimenting in late 53 and early 54 to get ready for the v8 that was put off until 55. Could this be one of those cars?
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    Where is the pic of the body tag? All I got was an invitation to join Facebook, which I refuse to do on principale

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