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    Default 50 convertible top boot

    In final states of restoring a 50 convertible. The shop doing the interior work is trying to figure out how the front part of the convertible top dust boot is fastened. Unfortunately when I bought the project car it was partially disassembled and I couldn't take any pictures. Does the front part of the boot snap onto the convertible top? back of the seat? Any help - pictures of the front and sides would be very helpful. Thanks.

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    I have your private email. I am waiting for one more source, but as far as I can tell, it has snaps. Look at the header on the back of the seat for holes that the screws holding the snaps would screw into. The Fisher Body trim manual says that the boots are not interchangable between individual cars because the snaps are manually installed. One person who no longer had the car said he thought there was a metal lip that took a cord on the boot. Two other guys said that theirs had blind snaps. The Fisher Body trim manual says that the boot is supposed to be folded and stored in a bag when not in use, telling me that the boot is really flexible, sort of ruling out any type of really stiff cord. The manual does show snaps on the side panels.

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    Lebarron-Bonney says that there is a webstrap about 1 inch or so wide that is sewn to the underside of the leading edge of the boot. It has a buckle and a strap that goes "around something" at each side of the well. You tuck the leading edge into a space between the seat and the header, and strap it down tight, then you snap the snaps around the interior and exterior edges of the boot. Each boot's snaps are custom installed to where the snaps on the car are. Apparently, there was no jig for installing the snaps, just some guy with a drill, who made the holes and screwed the snaps in place, then they made the boot to fit. This is pretty much what the Fisher Body Trim manual says, too.

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