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Thread: Battery Life???

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    Default Battery Life???

    I went to fire up the 64 Cat. 2+2 on the wknd. Car is in heated garage & I disconnected the Batt. while in storage. The "OL Girl" would hardly turn over, gave her a "boost" & away it went. 52 cranked right over & the 305 "lit" right up. I checked when I bought the Batt. & it was almost 6 yrs. ago [in July} I heard Batt life is only around 5 yrs. Think it might need a new one or should I see how it starts when the "season" gets here, still have SNOW on the ground???
    Pete Barber 64 2+2 Htp. Due to budget cuts, the light at the end of the tunnel has been "TURNED OFF"

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    Most of the ones I sell and use have a life of 4-6 yrs depending on how they're treated.

    I did have the OE battery in my 78 Regal last 10yrs and it had a corner knocked off of it that I didn't see until I pulled it when the car wouldn't start. Had a Cheap one in a tractor go for about that length of time also.


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    Believe it or not, I have a repro tar top battery in my '64 Cat and it has functioned since 1998 - granted the car probably only gets started about two or three dozen times per year, but I find this amazing -

    Now, in my '63 Cat, I had to replace the 72 month Delco side terminal battery last year - it was six years old - this winter I replaced both batteries in my Duramax - they were six years old - last summer I replaced the battery in my wife's '04 GTO - it was five years old -

    Moral to this story - buy a repro tar top! hehhehhe

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    Pete, buy a new battery. You'll have some piece of mind and lessen the chance the old battery will leave you stranded at the worst possible time & place. When you amortize the cost of a battery over it's lifetime it really a good investment.


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