Non-POCI member, posted our our Facebook page:

"I have an original set of hurst wheels that have never been on a car.I live in florida and the moisture hasn't rusted the wheels but has dulled the spokes.The trim rings look good and the wheels have tires mounted/14"x6" polyglass tires.I also have two sets of center caps,the flat cap with Hurst on the face and also the spinners.I want to sell the set of four tires and rims and the center caps.

I am selling this set which has never been on the road.I was building a fiberglass race car back in the sixties and bought the set and put them under that car so i could move it around my shop.I would like to get $2000.00 for the wheels and the center caps.The spinners and the flat ones.

If interested--call me:561.901.0008.I am on facebook as well,thank you.
stewart iglehart"