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Thread: slowing down!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 022561 View Post
    I did call a tech advisor (must be 5-6 years ago) and the guy made me feel like I should have known the question I was asking and that I was disturbing his serenity. I would rather put the question out on the site than go through that again. Don.
    Yes, that is too bad and even if a guy was just having a bad day look at the impression it left you with. OR like DualQuadPete saying when you call and wait for a callback it leaves you hanging. I was there in the days before the internet and find Email a much more agreeable way to handle questions and inquiries, especially as it gives you time to pull up the facts to answer a question and not keep both parties hanging on the phone. I no longer list my phone for that reason (well, I no longer have a home phone at all), but when I get an Email and I am able I will invite him to talk on the phone for immediate contact if it would be helpful. Todd C

    PS--but on the other hand, just because an old timer does not use Email we should not automatically kick him out and lose his experience if he is responsive otherwise IMO.
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    Default tech advisors checking poci forum

    hi everyone, i try to check poci forum for questions in my area of pontiacs 1953-54 at least twice a week if not more. i know todd and i are also helping other pontiac owners on the yahoo group "pontiac-1950s", and i also check in with the aaca forum site as well. for a while there i didn't know how to get into this part of the poci's site. charles coker, 1953 tech advisor.

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    I had that problem too. Hello Charles, hope married life is going well! Todd C

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    More off topic.

    022561 - The only one of those hospitals I did not have experience with was Good Samaritan. My daughter was born at Little Company of Mary on 12-26-65. We lived in the same house for both births. We lived in Hawthorne, but our daughter was born in Torrance and our son was born in Inglewood. The issue at Centinela Hospital was the nurse attempting to give my wife the wrong blood. We had the RH factor problem so we had special testing done before the birth. It turns out that the hospital does not look at any results of testing before you enter. In addition my son was a complicated birth. He was about 8 weeks premature, but my wife hemorrhaged and they had to deliver the baby to stop the bleeding. She was already in the hospital in an attempt to stop the premature labor pains. I was sitting at my wife's side as the nurse was about to open the clamp to switch from glucose to O-Positive whole blood. The problem was that my wife's blood was O-Negative. Fortunately I was there reading the label on the bottle. Needless to say I had a fit. The doctor came in to calm me down, and I asked him what the he!! was going on. It turns out that the hospital test declared her blood to be O-Positive, so the doctor held off on the transfusion and asked for another test. The second test came back a little positive and a little negative. The doctor said that there was a very rare blood type like that, so they would give her O-Negative at the time and send her blood to a specialty lab for analysis. A week later the results came back as every day O-Negative blood. The hospital tested her blood twice and came up with two different results both of which wrong. I learned several things from that experience: always own and understand your medical issues yourself; never again use Centinela Hospital for anything; and whenever my wife had surgery I would convince her to donate a pint of her own blood and have the hospital hold it in case she needed it.

    Needless to say the whole thing still upsets me every time I think about it. If I had not been at her bedside she would have died of "child birth complications".

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    Smile Inglewood memories..........

    Jim & Don,

    Sorry about your difficulties @ Centinella, Jim . My youngest son was born @ Centinella in 1969 and I spent 5 months in Daniel Freeman the same year after I endoed my Bultaco Pursang in a Cal City desert race, braking my femur (open compound fracture), four ribs, and my left wrist . Absolutely the finest treatment (Drs. Job & Keran (sp), first sports docs for the Lakers?) and care that I have ever seen or received .

    Small world, eh?

    1966 GTO Sport Coupe
    1968 Grand Prix
    1972 Trans Am clone

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    I think the last time my son was admitted to Daniel Freeman for multiple days was March of '68 for pneumonia. He was 11 months old.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1953techadvisor View Post
    hi everyone, i try to check poci forum for questions in my area of pontiacs 1953-54 at least twice a week if not more. i know todd and i are also helping other pontiac owners on the yahoo group "pontiac-1950s", and i also check in with the aaca forum site as well. for a while there i didn't know how to get into this part of the poci's site. charles coker, 1953 tech advisor.
    Why don't we put a note on the "tech advisors" section of the website, for each tech advisor, stating something like:

    "We ask that your first point of contact be via the technical forum. Please post your question under the heading for your year Pontiac. If you do not get a response on the forum, please contact the tech advisor and ask him to reply to your post on the forum. We ask this so that others may learn from your question. You also may find that others on the forum have useful advice for your issue."

    Likewise, when a tech advisor gets a question via e-mail, you should respond as follows:

    1. by copying the question in a new post
    2. answering the question on the forum
    3. Send a hot link to the forum posting in an e-mail response to the sender.

    If we do this we will not only push people to use the forum for its intended use, we will also post interesting content that will ilicit more postings and attract more people.

    I can't imagine privacy issues around posting someone's question, but if we are worried about that, we can simply state:

    "All questions e-mailed to tech advisors will be posted anonymously on the POCI forum for others to read. Your e-mail address, phone # etc will not be posted on the forum. Please do not submit any information that you deem private"

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    Default slowing down..

    .. if there was a time for people to slow down.. be it due to the northern winter, christmas holiday.. lack of car shows.. or the bloody heat down under..... its got to be now... I've noticed its quieter right now.. but as the year progress's..and our interest increases again.. its should pickup.

    Mind you.. I don't know about you.. but boy can you waste your life away sitting in front of these things when you should be out cruise or doing physical things...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ozpont View Post

    Ozpont, I had to comment on the photos of your "Elky" or UTE as you Aussies call them. That's a great looking car I think it'd have sold like gangbusters here as a Pontiac offering. Too bad GM was too stupid to see that.


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    Regarding Ken's thoughts about posting tech advisor requests:

    It seems asking people to post first on the forum is not a bad idea, to generate comment and topics. But I do not know about the idea of automatically posting questions here after they had been personally sent to the tech advisor. It seems most of the personal requests I get are to authenticate 1957 Bonnevilles and some of my people would not like posting VIN numbers and other data for all to see. There is probably little real harm but I think they like some discretion when they contact me about them. So for that reason I do have a confidentiality issue and I do not think we should force members into a public forum for every question.

    But with other general topics it would be nice to get more activity here on the site. What do other tech advisors (and our esteemed webmasters) think?

    Todd Crews
    POCI 1957 Technical Advisor
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