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    in addition to the bonneville (which I bought from the original owner in 2002), I bought my wife a new black torrent (whistler/backcomb edition) in 2007 and when my daughter got her licence just over a year ago I bought her a 2002 yellow sunfire.

    when my neighbour was selling his 1998 grand prix gt, I hooked my brother up with that car.
    Mike Klassen - 1995 white Bonneville SSEi

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    Red face my 1953 chieftain custom catalina

    my 53 custom catalina isn't all 1953 anymore, changes that have been made, or are going to be made are, 1955 287 V8/4 speed hydra-matic, 4 bbl-200 horse version,12 volts, car was ordered with power steering, i added power brakes, power antenna,6 way power seat, power windows, autronic eye, compass,tissue dispenser,1954 factory air conditioning and 1955 buick rear factory air conditioning, magna-tray, guide spotlights- both sides, guide foglights, oversized rear view mirror, catalina venti-shades, outside sunvisor,traffic light viewer, 1953 olds wire wheelcovers with pontiac rear fender emblems, radio was ordered with front and rear speaker, 1955 gm/delco electric wiper motor, rear window wiper,car was ordered with original continenetal kit, tailpipe extension, door handle and door edge guards, windshield washer, rear passenger draft deflectors, two underhood lights, lighted hood ornament wing guards front and rear, grill guard, reel out trunk light, hand-held spotlight, tinted see-thru front inside sunvisors, i plan on putting an R11 overdrive trans behind the hydra-matic trans. 1957 pontiac rearend, original gm approved chrome valve covers. calif personal license plate "PONTIAC", i've had this since 1977. over 80% of these accessories are NOS. i hope this year, i can be to put it all back together, and drive it for the first time since feb,1988. charles coker.

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    I must be the low man on the Pontiac totem pole.

    Not counting the ones my Dad owned, I have owned only 3 Pontiacs: 2 Pontiac 6000's, and my current '51 Chieftain.

    I've owned and worked on mostly GM's for the last 30 years, but I am humbled by the depth of Pontiac-specific knowledge on this site.


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    Ok, I'm going to give this my best shot. Remember this is a guy who has sticking notes covering the refrig to remind him of everything.

    69 GTO bought in 1979, later stolen found burnt to the ground
    69 Judge bought in 1982, sold
    70 Judge original RA III & 4-speed traded a Chevy big block motor for in 1983 sold
    67 GP Convertible bought in 1984 sold
    64 GTO Convertible bought in 1984 still own
    64 Lemans bought in 1985 high school age kid wrecked long gone
    64 GTO HTP bought in 1985 parted out
    67 GP HT bought in 1985 parted out
    55 2 DR bought in 1985 sold
    69 Judge bought in 1985 low mileage RA IV heads sold
    85 Trans AM bought new in 1985 long gone
    36 business cp bought in 1985 sold
    66 Executive bought in 1985 sold
    58 Chieftain bought in 1985 still own
    73 GTO bought in 1986 restored sold
    70 TA bought in 1987 numbers matching RAIII sold
    90 GP bought new 1990 traded off
    94 Bonneville bought new 1994 sold
    79 TA bought in 1996 sold
    48 Woody Wagon bought in 1998 still own
    86 Fiero bought in 2000 sold
    74 GTO bought in 2003 low mileage number matching sold
    2006 GP bought new still own
    2007 Solstice bought new first GXP delivered to Oklahoma still own
    I think thats it, whewwwww
    Last edited by 48Woodie; January 3rd, 2010 at 20:25. Reason: memory lapse

    Larry Crider
    RT 66 Oklahoma
    POCI Director
    Southern Division

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    This will take a while. From first to present.

    66 GTO - Tripower 4 speed. MY first Pontiac. Hard to top.
    68 GTO - Ordered from the factory. Probably lowest optioned GTO ever made.
    Bench seat, radio, and HD posi.
    65 GTO - First restoration, put a rod thru the pan which me slowed down.
    64 GTO - 400 4 speed 411 posi. Didn't need first gear.
    65 GTO - Exec car. Auto air power windows power seat. Should have kept.
    66 GTO - Post car with 428 4 speed and a hot cam. Rattled on pump gas.
    67 GTO - Parts car. Should have restored. It was plum mist.
    65 GTO - Convertibile 4 speed. Did amateur restoration only to find rusty frame.
    02 Firebird - Last new Pontiac I'll ever buy. Wife totalled deployed air bags.
    02 Firebird - Insurance paid for.
    64 Catalina - Estate sale. All original with protecto plate. Still own.
    77 Can Am - Rare but a peeter to work on.
    04 GTO - Unloved and underrated. I like. Still own.
    81 Lemans Safari - Saved from the crusher. Can you say slow. Gone
    68 GTO - 462 auto 355 gears. Loud & nasty. I've come full circle. I'll keep this one.

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    1963 Bonneville Coupe (bought when I was 13 for $30 still own today!)
    1967 Grand Prix Coupe (still have)
    1968 GTO Coupe (bought at 17 for $300 and still have!)
    1977 Phoenix Lj (Uncle's)
    1980 Phoenix (mom's pos)
    1986 Parisienne Wagon (mom's, 160k when sold, great car)
    1996 Bonneville

    The first three on this list were all built in California and sold at dealers a few miles from where I live now! All are original black plate cars.
    Last edited by hazmat; January 3rd, 2010 at 21:16.

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    Well, I can't match these sheer numbers, but let me list a few car milestones in my life:

    Near as I can tell:

    My dad "courted" my mom in a 1960 Catalina convertible

    I came home from the hospital in a 1965 Catalina

    When I was in my early years my mom had a 1969 Firebird and my grandmother a 1967 Tempest

    Later my grandmother got a 1970 Bonneville with 455 and it became our family second car and used by me during my senior year in high school.

    My parents bought a new 1979 Grand Prix SJ with 301 and T tops, their first new car. I took my drivers test in it and had my first fender bender in it.

    Meanwhile I bought my 1963 convertible as a near basket case and got it drivable in time to take it to college and my first job after. I still have it.

    I then got the 1957 Star Chief as my first complete restoration project, which is nice but still not completed.

    And in 2001 got my 1979 Trans Am, the car I wanted in high school. It was 20 years late but at last I had the cool car. Long live Pontiacs! Todd

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    Since some were listing family members I remembered a story my dad told me. Even though my mom always wanted a 65 Bonneville, she never got it nor any Pontiac, but my dad said once his dad bought a 38 Pontiac. He didn't realize till after the fact the Pontiac use to be a taxi here in Oklahoma. That thing was so wore out and my grandfather being a poor farmer couldn't get anyone to buy it. He finally found a guy who traded him 2 mules for the car. And I thought I've gotten good deals before, hehehe.

    Larry Crider
    RT 66 Oklahoma
    POCI Director
    Southern Division

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    Nov 2008
    Bloomington, Indiana


    Good thread, nice collections, and always a test of the mind to try and remember them all....
    30 Pontiac 4dr
    50 2dr 6cyl stick
    59 Catalina 4dr vista
    62 Catalina 2dr htp
    64 Catalina 4dr sedan
    64 GP
    65 GTO conv 4 speed. (triple white)
    66 Lemans 2dr htp (first car)
    66 Lemans 2dr htp OHC 6 stick on the column
    66 GTO
    67 Bonn conv
    67 Bonn conv
    68 Bonn 2dr
    68 Lemans conv
    72 Grandville conv
    72 Lemans conv

    Plus several drivers over the years.

    Haven't owned a Pontiac now in over 10 years though.

    Of the 100 plus cars I have owned I usually say with no regrets that I'm glad I owned them, however I don't miss them.
    I miss my 50 Pontiac.....
    Tim Lloyd
    Hanson Motor Co.

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    Oct 2009
    Blackstock Ont. Canada


    Ok here's my short list 1960 4dr. Strato Chief 6 cyl. auto CDN {dog] 1970 Catalina convertable,[US] 1989 Parissiane 4dr. station wagon,[CDN] 1965 custom sport 2dr, htp.[CDN] 1964 Catalina 2+2 [STILL HAVE IT] 1952 fleetleader torpedo back [ still have it] & 2006 Pontiac Vibe [wifes ride]
    Pete Barber 64 2+2 Htp. Due to budget cuts, the light at the end of the tunnel has been "TURNED OFF"

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