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    Default how many pontiacs have you owned ??

    hi, i thought it might be fun to see many pontiacs poci members have had, or have now. i still have my first pontiac, a 1953 pontiac chieftain custom catalina that i bought when i was 17, i'll be 54 later this month. here's my list.
    1953 chieftain custom catalina
    1953 chieftain deluxe 4 door sedan
    1956 860 4 door sedan (factory a/c)
    1960 bonneville 2 door hardtop
    1960 bonneville 2 door hardtop
    1962 grand prix, 455,th400
    1962 tempest lemans 2 door hardtop
    1966 GTO 2 door hardtop tri-power,4 speed,posi,headrests
    1966 bonneville safari station wagon, fully loaded
    1969 grand prix j, 428 engine
    1970 bonneville 2 door hardtop
    1972 grand prix
    1984 fiero gt, wife owns it now,lol
    charles coker, 1953 pontiac tech advisor

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    TININDN Guest


    Here you go -

    1958 Chieftain 2 dr - cascade blue - first car - long gone
    1961 Catalina Safari 9 - dawnfire mist/red - now own
    1961 Ventura sp. cpe. - black/tri-tone green - now own
    1963 Catalina sp. cpe. - marlin aqua/aquamarine tri-tone - now own
    1963 Grand Prix - red/white top/parchment - parent's car, but I got to drive it - long gone
    1964 Catalina sp. cpe. - triple black - bought new - sold - bought back - now own
    1964 2+2 - triple black - now own
    1964 Bonneville Safari 6 - primer - now own
    1965 LeMans - 2dr. sdn. charcoal/parchment - mom's car - long gone
    1988 Safari Wagon - white/wood - long gone
    2004 GTO - yellow - wife's car

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    Beech Grove, Indiana


    I will Include mom, dad and my brother so here goes.
    1957 Starchief convertible, white with blue stripe. totaled by garbage truck
    1957 Starchief convertible, black with pink stripe. mom hated that car.
    1957 Starchief 4dr. It was a project car but I left and dad sold it.
    1965 GTO convertible-my brothers first car.
    1965 2+2 convertible- my second car(at age 17 )I still have
    1966 lemans station wagon- dads car for work
    1966 Bonneville convertible- red with white Int. my first car
    1966 Bonneville convertible- white with black int. in my garage
    1969 GTO convertible. still have
    1984 Fiero moms driver for a while
    1985 Trans Am totaled on Dec 8th of this year
    1993 Grand Am GT coupe

    oh 1992 grand am. Ex ran into the back of a f-250. totaled
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    Oct 2008
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    Default Gonna make me think here aren't you Charles?

    the current list is as follows and I'm sure will need updated as I remember.

    1965 Grand Prix, Cameo Ivory Driver [in process of a color change refresh]
    1965 Grand Prix Fountaine Blue project
    1965 GTO Burgundy parchment /black interior stalled project, thinking about moving it.

    1968 GTO phs'd HO 4spd 3:55 car, originalay Vedero over black,ratty blue driver currently.

    1968 Firebird 'Vert column shift Seamist green car 350 auto project in waiting

    1969 Grand Prix numbers car, will be the next Beater Of The Year when I get the engine unstuck or a temp replacement swapped in. White over black, 80k or so miles,2 owner unmolested car parked in 1977. I have the OE Protecto Plate for this one.

    1971 GT-37 350 3spd, Aztec Gold /Gold stripe low option car. ROUGH project but I have the numbers drivetrain for it and it turns my crank so it'll get built.

    1972 Grand Prix Aztec Gold, white top and interior bench seat car, 455 Th 400 3:08 A/C car. My former street racer. Ran 12:90's in full street trim as a daily driver.

    1974 Grand Am roller, solid outer body that needs floorpans, 4:10 posi rear. White over Oxblood interior, Auto, A/C.

    1974 Grand Prix SJ ROUGH project. OE 455, TH400, triple black. The only car I owned that my dad helped build as a driver. It will be rebuilt again as a hot rod.

    82 Grand Prix LJ Gold over gold Lear Siegler interior car. Orginally a 4.1 v-6 th200 car. That driveline will never be in it again, Project that will probably be a stick shift injected driver when it's done, may get a traditional Pontiac depending on the day I stuff a driveline in it.

    92 Bonnie SSE, White /Grey cloth int. was the wife's driver until she smacked a deer with it. Deciding on what to do with this car.

    1995 Bonnie SSE Charcoal over Charcoal leather int. 40k or so miles. Wrecked in the RR. Project in waiting.

    1998 Bonnie LE 22k miles, fairly high option car, DK Blue metallic Graphite cloth interior. 1 owner car that I bought new for my mother, Had 17k on the clock when she died. Use it for weddings / funerals sparingly. I'd simply rather drive my 65 G/P than this one.

    Several more parts cars including an 83 Firebird 'vert conversion that the PO stripped of it's front clip like a dumbass for a plain jane base car.

    The above are currently owned and I'm sure I forgot something so I'll have to edit the above as the memory comes back.

    Since past /parts cars have been listed

    72 Catalina 4 dr htp. First car, Aztec Gold over Parchment int. Drove it a yr and traded it on a Turbo Regal. Still have that. Cat was Bulletproof. 400 2bbl TH400.
    69 GTO Limelight Green RA4 4spd,less than 60k, owned this one less than a day and doubled my money on it. Wish I'd kept it.
    69 GTO RED /Red, early build car, HO Auto. Bought it in a pile, sold it after some work, repo'd it missing parts.
    71 Lemans htp ex drag car, parts car for the GT-37
    73 Catalina Rusty parts car 400 2 bbl TH400
    79 Lemans 2 dr, drove it less than a month sold it.
    67 Firebird coupe parted it 326 auto
    66 Lemans 2 dr parts car 326 auto
    81 Grand Prix Diesel, drove it for years until it rusted completely away. Diesel Died and a 73 W-30 455 olds / TH400 slid in it's place with a 3:42 posi diff.
    78 Sunbird Coupe Black over Tan, 2.5 Auto fixed it drove it, Ex traded it without my permission
    89 Sunbird GT 'vert White over Grey int. Above Sunbird went away in this deal.
    89 Grand Prix SE 2.8 V-6 5spd 4 bucket seat full console car. Ex took it when we split.
    74 Formula Firebird, Extremely rusty parts car. 400 4bbl Auto car. Robbed the drivetrain /ralleys and sold it for a profit.
    77 Grand Safari Wagon 400 4bbl Auto 3:23 posi, Guages, beat parts car. Still behind the barn.
    67 Bonnie 4 dr htp, 1st design 400 4bbl, Th400 parted.
    75 Grand Prix, roller parts
    75 Grand Prix 400 4bbl base car parts
    66 GTO Tripower 3spd car, Tyroil Blue over parchment int, rally 1's. bought it when I was 15 Dad made me return it fought over this car for years. I gave 125.00 for it, RUST FREE. Buddy's brother bought got it running sold it for 3k in 82.
    92 Grand Prix 4dr, V-6 Auto took it on trade, drove it a month or so, fixed the problems sold it for a profit.
    76 Trans Am 4 spd car. Bought it with the roof ripped off of it and parted it. Built 400 ST-10 3 :42 posi.
    86 Grand Am GT bought it with a blown 3.0 litre V-6, stuffed a 3.8 out of a Bonnie in it, Auto trans loaded, ground effects pkg SLEEPER sold it to a kid with a lot of money.
    88 Bonnie, 3.8 auto buttload of miles and a inop odometer drove it a bit ended up trading it for a truck
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    Oct 2008
    Portland In


    List of my mother's Pontiacs. Since 1958 she had a Pontiac in her driveway. Talk about loyalty. She drove Fords before Pontiacs, my Dad drove Hudsons until 1956, then a Plymouth until 1969. Dad owned a 1967 Catalina sedan as a work car from 78 until he retired in 1981.

    1959 Catalina sedan

    1960 Bonnie 2dr HTP Tripower Auto car.

    1962 Tempest 4cy auto 4dr, dk green roof and int, light green on the rest of the body

    1969 Catalina 4dr sedan 350 2bbl auto, lt green metallic over black int

    1978 Catalina 4 dr sedan, white over lt blue int. 3.8 Auto A/C Rally 2's

    1988 Bonnie SE, lt blue over dk blue int. loaded, 3.8 auto

    1998 Bonnie see my list above
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    1964 GTO Aqua/Aqua, purchased new and still own
    1964 Tempest racecar, still own
    1969 Catalina wagon "lime" green" (400/2bbl. then 428/3-2 bbl) totaled by a mountain
    1970 GTO Blue, long gone
    1978 Gold Special Edition 400 T/A, long gone
    2005 GTO Gray, purchased new and still own

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    Default Alan Mayes Pontiacs owned

    1936 Coupe
    1937 2-door sedan
    1937 2-door Touring sedan
    1955 Star Chief 2-dr hardtop
    1959 Bonneville 2-dr hardtop
    1961 Ventura 2-dr hardtop
    1963 Grand Prix
    1964 GTO convert
    1965 Catalina convert
    1966 Catalina convert
    1967 GTO hardtop
    1969 GTO Judge
    1969 LeMans 4-dr hardtop
    1970 Ram Air GTO
    1971 Catalina 4-door sedan
    1972 Grand Prix
    1973 Ventura
    1973 Catalina
    1977 Bonneville
    1977 Sunbird
    1979 Grand Prix
    1981 Grand Prix
    1984 Grand Prix
    1988 Fiero GT
    Last edited by decotriumph; January 4th, 2010 at 10:47.
    Alan Mayes
    Tullahoma, TN
    Southern Division Director
    1961 Ventura 2-door kustom

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    Default This could take a while...

    Currently in possession...

    1983 Grand Prix – Blue over Blue with Black vinyl top, first car and first Pontiac (yep I'm a young pup), currently nearing 160,000 on the clock last I checked, 231 V6 with THM-350, awaiting a 350 Pontiac/T5 swap (all parts procured, waiting on time)
    1970 GTO 4spd Hardtop – Mack Truck Red over Black (originally Palladium Silver over Black), grew up watching this car crack off 4 gears in front of my parents house on sunny days while the previous owner went down the street to pick up his girlfriend, car was in our wedding procession and purchased a few years after (and an unfortunate wreck)
    1970 GTO VOE Hardtop – Polar White over Brown with Black vinyl top, 1 of 58 automatic factory VOE equipped cars, complete basketcase
    1970 GTO Judge 4spd Hardtop – Starlight Black over Red, first Judge, original paint, needs restoration
    1972 GTO Hardtop 455HO – Sundance Orange over Black, current street/strip car, runs high 11s
    1972 Lemans Hardtop – planned future racecar
    1969 GTO 4spd Hardtop – Starlight Black over Red, who knows, seemed like a good idea
    1968 Tempest Post Coupe – April Gold over Ivy Gold, picked up as one-owner 67,xxx mile car, OHC-6 2-speed, over 82,xxx on the clock and driven multiple times a week
    1969 GTO Convert – Matador Red over Parchment, new family cruiser, needs some cosmetics
    1967 Tempest Safari Wagon – Gold over Black, seemed like a good idea also

    Parts cars…
    1971 Lemans Sport Convert
    1969 Lemans Convert
    1972 Luxury Lemans

    In the works…
    1970 GTO Judge 4spd Hardtop – Atoll Blue over Sandalwood,

    1999 Grand Prix GT 2dr - first and last Pontiac bought new and ordered from the dealer, college graduation present to myself, sold in 2001 for down house down payment
    1969 GTO 4spd Hardtop - originally Midnight Green over Black, first GTO, sold and think it ended up a Carousel Red Judge Clone somewhere out West 2 owners down the line
    1966 Tempest - originally planned NSS car that had a cage installed by Hawkins in Richmond, IN, changed hands a few times in Indiana and last seen on ebay several years back
    1969 Tempest Convert - Verdoro over Black, sold around same time as the 66 and not sure of it's whereabouts
    1970 Lemans Wagon – Bermuda over Black, bought in Michigan, sold to a buddy, bought back a year later, sold to my cousin (16 at the time) who is currently building an awesome ride out of it, been off the frame with all metal work done
    1970 Lemans Sport Convert – Resale Red over Black, recently sold in September 2009 to fund purchase of above 69 GTO Convert, sold back to a previous owner that owned the car from 1980-1987 while dating his now wife of 20 years (while on a cruise in HI for their 20th anniversary he was granted permission to buy it back if opportunity ever came around), hated to see it go, but it’s a chapter with a happy ending and I found a GTO vert to put in its place
    1989 Firebird Formula – Red over Gray, 61,xxx mile one-owner car, drove till 70,xxx and sold, should have kept this one
    1993 Grand Prix 2dr – Red over Gray, wife’s car until the need for a 4-door, see below
    1999 Grand Prix 4dr GT – Red over Gray, family car until replaced with Ford Expedition

    Proud to say that other than the family hauler which is a Ford Expedition, I have never owned anything other than Pontiacs and GMC pickups!

    My name is Doug and I have a problem
    POSI - "It's not just a club, it's an addiction!"

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    Portland In


    Doug you don't have a problem, you fit right in here!

    IIRC that 66 with the cage went to TN.


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    022561 Guest


    Wow, you all have had a bunch of cars! My list:
    #1 1959 Catalina sport coupe, 389-345 hp 420A with 4sp hydro. Originally my dad's special order car with a Bonneville colour and Bonneville tri tone interior. I believe my dad raced it as a "A" stock automatic. Got my IHRA lic. in it at 14 (1965) and began racing it as a F/SA. When 16 the car became mine. Sold in 1969. NOW wished I never sold it!
    #1-1/2 co-owned with my cousin, a 1964 Tempest- 421 blown/injected, T-400 & a narrowed 60 Pontiac rear end purpose built drag car. Best time 8.88 @ 168 and a real handfull to drive. I only drove it a couple of times cause it scared me to death. Built in 65 and sold in 66.
    #2 car. My first new car (12th grade) 1969 LeMans hardtop coupe ordered in Nov. 68. A 350" H-O 330hp, T400----------DROVE that car today! 48K car.

    #3, 1962 Catalina 2dr sedan, was a 389 & roto. Bought from the original owner in 1995 and is going through restification.
    #4 1971 Granville sport coupe. Owned for 4 days. Took 455 & all acessories, T400, wheels, front spindles & brakes, rad. misc. for the 62 Cat (# 3 car) and crushed it.


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