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    Default Question on Paint on Silver Streak Chrome

    I have flat black paint between the ribs on my front and rear silver streaks on my '51 standard 4 door.

    I see pictures where the body color is painted in this same areas on most other Pontiacs.

    Is this a difference between the "standard" and "deluxe" trim models?
    I have an original brochure but it is not clear from the pictures whether or not any models had the flat black paint.


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    Hi Ken, I'm 99% sure the inside of the streaks were painted the colour of the car. I don't know if you are interested, but a couple of days ago I was listening to a song on YOU TUBE and for the heck of it I typed in 1950 Pontiac. Up comes various 49-52 Pontiac cars where the owners are starting up their engines and running them. There is video where some guys start up a straight eight without water on blocks or used tires (can't tell cause it's dark) and run the engine at about 3,000 to watch it blow up. The most interesting piece is the building of the 1952 Pontiac from the foundry casting engines to final drop and assy., and everything in between. Also some 1952 dealer training films on selling service, closing the deal in sales and the most interesting for me was selling acessories by either dealer installed or factory installed. There is some factory films on 1940 and 41 Pontiac's too. You should check it out !


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    022561 Guest


    Ken, sorry the pontiac build was the 1951. Go to you tube search and type in pontiac the development of the 1951.1 and so on thorugh 1951.5
    another one would be pontiac 1949 stepping up with the jones.1 through 5.


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    Thanks for the input on the Silver streak, but I'd want to know 100% for sure before I paint anything.

    I think I have seen most of the videos you mentioned on You Tube with the exception of the one that shows the foundry casting of the engines, I'll have to search for that. If you find it again, post a link somewhere.

    In the video of the guys blowing up the old straigt 8, it is amazing at how long the old engine runs at full throttle with no oil and water. If you ask me this is a testiment to the durability of these old engines.

    Anyway we are getting off topic here.

    Can someone who is listed as a technical expert in the club answer my question about the silver streak paint? Now that we have the forum, I should not have to e-mail that person.

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    022561 Guest


    Ken, on you tube did you see the body drop on the 52 Pontiac's? After the drop the whole ft end assy. is bolted up with finally the hood. In between the streaks on those hoods was paint of the colour of the car.


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    From the TA for these yrs.

    The flat black is probably prime. Just paint it the color of your hood or trunk.

    John Harvey

    Here is his Email address for your future questions. John Harvey

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    Default color of paint in grooves of hood and trunk mouldings

    hi, 1950,51,52's had the same color as the hood or trunk, painted in the grooves, in 1953, the center of the mouldings were painted body colors, and the grooves were painted glossy black, 1954 mouldings were painted body colors. charles coker, 1953 pontiac tech advisor.

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    Thanks for the info.

    When you say the -50-52's had the same color as the hood or trunk, I assume you mean the body color, but you mention hood and trunk because some cars were 2-tone.


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    Default paint info

    two tone or one tone, same color as the body part the mouldings are mounted to, up to 1954 the top of the car would have the second color, then in 1955, two tone paint even down on the body as well

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