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Thread: how new are we?

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    Default how new are we?

    Hi pocis. How new is this site?For all the members we have here and all thecomputer users I thought there would be gobs of users.Where are they .I HOPE TO BE ABLE lie about the GOODOLDAYS and find answersto my new build questions.I hope this discussion section fills up with alot of people who just have too much time and love their ponchos. phil the geez
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    ponchogeezer -

    The Forums came alive in very late September, but the official announcement was in the November Smoke Signals -

    Tell all your friends!

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    Default It'll come

    It will probably take a while to get up and running, but it'll happen once people realize that this will be their premier source for Pontiac info.
    Alan Mayes
    Tullahoma, TN
    Southern Division Director
    1961 Ventura 2-door kustom

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    Default Finally here!

    Hey all,finally made it!
    Kenny Rozell,VP
    Firebird Chapter of the POCI

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    Quote Originally Posted by decotriumph View Post
    It will probably take a while to get up and running, but it'll happen once people realize that this will be their premier source for Pontiac info.
    It'll be one of the best sources for info. All the eggs in one basket isnt' a good idea with anything. When that happens people become complacent and stop learning.

    You need to get the word out to other members and encourage them to join up tho.That's the only way it'll grow.


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    I`ve been checking in for quite a while, and it seems to be gaining speed from what I can see.
    At first, a LOT of empty s p a c e, but topics are popping up in most catagories.
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    "The only thing I`m sure that I`m not sure of anything."

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    That's true,only we can make it work if we tell everyone to check it out.
    Kenny Rozell,VP
    Firebird Chapter of the POCI

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    I guess I'm late, but glad to be here. Hope I can help.

    Moderators, pixel size on avatar needs to be increased a bit. Can't upload my avatar.
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    I think the problem occured with the delay between the end of the old forum and the start up of the new one. There are several other free forums for Pontiacs whiche tend to be busy, some are based on certain decades of cars, some are general.

    As you said, this is getting busier, maybe all POCI members with a registered email address should be sent an email from time to time, with a link, to remind them to join this forum.

    Can the moderators do this?????


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    I'll see if I can work up a "mass-email" to active POCI members with email address on file, and include the instructions on how to access and register for the Forum. Thanks to all who are parti****ting so far - if you have ideas for new catagories or whatever - run 'em by me please. One thing we need to consider - we have duplicity right now with the "on-line swap meet" for classified ads and now the newer availability of advertisting on the forum.

    Thoughts as to which one we should push - and should we phase out the advertising and do it all over here on the Forum?

    I don't know the right answer, but I would really like to get some feedback.

    -Paul B.

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