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    1967 Tempest Custom 4 Door Hard Top

    Just got this ride about two months ago and have been having a blast working on the little things, getting warmed up on the bigger fish I have to fry!One of the challenges is replacing the two pillar...
  2. 67 Tempest Custom, 4 door Interior Question

    I have done alot of searching but cannot find the "cover" for both the left & right side "pillers". What I call pillers, are the pieces that the front door latches to & the rear doors hinge from. I...
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    '67 Tempest Steering Wheel Chrome

    I have, what I believe to be, the custom steering wheel. The left & center chrome pieces are broke under the center cap and I'd like to find replacements. They stay put & the left side still toots...
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    Remove '67 Tempest Steering Wheel

    Ok, so this should be a very simple procedure but, if I screw up I can't just run down to the local salvage yard & pick up a replacement so... I need to remove my steering wheel, to replace my turn...
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