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    Electro Cruise retrofit

    I am putting in an Electro Cruise unit from another full-size 65' Pontiac and noticed that both the electrical wiring harness and vacuum release tube (going to the brake pedal) are rather short...
  2. Front parking lights stay on with headlights

    When I first got my 65 Bonneville, the headlight switch need to be replaced as it was just getting old and unreliable. Before I replaced it, I also noticed that the front parking lights did not go...
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    Thanks Jeff. I will try that. I was going...

    Thanks Jeff. I will try that.
    I was going to bypass the switch but I did not know which wires go to which speaker. I can't seem to find a wiring diagram for the 1965 reverb system in any shop...
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    65 Reverb Unit Question

    When I first bought my 65 Bonneville convert, 2 years ago from the 3rd owner, the rear reverb unit was working but we did not use the AM/FM radio because it was extremely scratchy when turned on. In...
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