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  1. 'cause I know you all are dying to know... I went...

    'cause I know you all are dying to know... I went with the #62s:cool:
  2. Will 1977 400ci engine accessories fit on a 1970 400ci with 1967 Heads?

    I'm building a 1970 400ci block with 1967ish #62 or #670 heads (to be determined). I can get a complete 1977 T/A 6.6 really cheap. Will the oil pan, windage try, timing cover, alternator & power...
  3. Heads for my 400 build... #62s or #670s?

    I need some advice on heads for a street engine build.

    First of all, I'm new to performance oriented Pontiac engines. My end goal is to have a reliable (for street use) 400 to 450 horsepower 400ci...
  4. Custom wooden plaques for your shop or man cave

    In an effort to gather funds for my Pontiac-powered hot rod build, I'm creating custom routed wooden plaques that would look great in your shop, den, or man cave. Heck... buy 2 and give one as a...
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