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    1969 Grand Prix body and frame

    I am selling a 1969 Grand Prix body and frame for $500.00. The frame still has the disk brakes and appears to be in pretty decent shape. The body is straight, but shows evidence of previous rust...
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    1969 Grand Prix Parts for sale

    I recently parted out two 1969 GP's. I have a body on a nice frame for sale. Lots of parts, too. Crossmember, driveshaft, doors, front bumper, 2 rear bumpers, TH400, fenders, boxes of misc. parts,...
  3. 1965 / 1966 / 1967 / 1968 Pontiac Parts Losing Storage

    Hello fellow POCIers. I have various parts from a 1965 Grand Prix, a 1966 Catalina and Bonneville, and some misc. parts from a 1968 Catalina, too. I also recently parted out 2 1969 Grand Prix's. ...
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