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    I need a steering wheel (black) for a 68 GP. I...

    I need a steering wheel (black) for a 68 GP. I know a 67 wheel will fit. I can make do with one if it is decent and complete. Is the dash pad the same as 68? I believe it basically is...............
  2. Thread: For Sale:

    by milo4510

    For Sale:

    Nice set of early Tempest 13 inch hubcaps. Really nice condition.
    50.00 + shipping. I can provide pictures.
  3. Needed: 1968 Pontiac Full Size Steering wheel

    Working on a 1968 GP, need a black steering wheel, throttle linkage for a 4 bbl and some other parts. What do you have?
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    1960 Pontiac grille for sale

    Driver condition grill with the 2 signal lenses included $125 + shipping. I can send pictures to an email address if you contact me. Pulled from a StarChief.
  5. For Sale: Pair of 1947 Pontiac Rear Quarters

    By mistake I listed them in another part of this forum, so I listed them here too. Beautiful pair of quarters, not rotted, has a great functioning gas door with an excellent operating door. NO...
  6. For Sale: Beautiful Pair of 1947 Pontiac Rear Quarters

    Wonderful set of what I believe to be 1947 rear qtrs., not rotted! The fuel door assembly is in one and works great, not rotted out, spring assembly is great, super solid pair. One small dent in...
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