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Conversation Between frosty and poci1957

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  1. Thanks for writing Frosty, I was also off line on the weekend as usual and did not come back until Monday. Like I said in a post, if nothing else they can thank me for some extra action on the forum and a chance for everyone to chime in. I would also enjoy a visit with you but will not be at the convention as I have another event that weekend. Should be a nice drive down from MI for you though, enjoy.

    The 1957 color is Limefire Green and Seacrest (Lt) Green, inside and out, it was sort of a signature color in 1957 featured on Star Chief hardtops and Safaris. I am not a fan of green cars generally as I grew up in the age of Avacado Green, but at my first POCI convention in 1988 old timers encouraged me that when the paint was fresh it looked great. Good advice, as it turned out, because it really looks sharp in person and it will indeed change one's mind about green cars. Thanks for asking, see you around, Todd Crews
  2. Todd

    You cars look great. I am not familar with the shade of green on the '57. What color is it? Sorry I've missed the debate over the weekend - looks like we've stirred up some interest anyway. It was a busy non-PC weekend for me, so I will jump back in a little while. I hope to get to chat with you at convention too. Sounds like we have more in common than a difference of opinion.

    BTW - My '72 Lemans will be driven to Charleston and all week long!!!! Ain't no trailer queens in my garage. I use them all!

    Take Care

    Dennis A.K.A. Frosty
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