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Conversation Between Mike Nixon and mantaguy

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  1. Does the Vin match up to an HO car? The window sticker should list it as such if it is one.

    ReThe Tach, TO be honest I've never noticed the diff in redlines between the HO and non HO engines.

  2. Hello Mike,I was referred to you from Paul from POCI ,I am a new member here and I have a question that no one seems to know the ans.or has any GM type proof that the ans.are true.Here goes,I have a 1986 Fire Bird Trans AM (Original Owner) w/305TPI and my RPM tach red lines at 6000 and their are others who have the same car/engine as I do and their RPM tach red lines at 5000.I have been told and have read that the lower rpm tach TA has the peanut cam/190 HP and the larger cam has 215 HP.Is their any proof that these statements are true.I was told don't always believe what you read or here unless you have proof!!!
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