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Custom "S"
October 14th, 2015, 20:24
I am having issues with a Holley 870 Street Avenger...400 stroked to 455 the engine runs awesome just when I come to a stop at a light or anything it tends to want to stall. Not all the time but most. I am pulling 10" vacuum at idle(5.0pv) adjusted the a/f screws all the way in then 1.5 turns out and have gone from there. Do you think timing has any affect? I don't think so but....I put a fuel gauge inline and have 3-5psi is that enough? 8-10 when first start up cold. I don't know what the psi is when driving, is a mechanical pump. Any help or info would be great as the Holley tech line is useless.

Jeff K
October 19th, 2015, 04:18
What cam are you running?

My 455 with 041 camshaft idles with the same vacuum.. I removed the springs from the advance weights in the points distributor and run full 32 degrees timing all the time.. This modification will only work with a points distributor, the points spring retards the timing during start..... This really cleaned up the idle and low speed response..

The vacuum advance was modified to pull in 10 degrees, I used the adjustable Crane vacuum can. I used the limiter plate and have the tension spring set to the highest level so there is no vacuum advance during idle, I use full manifold vacuum...

Hope this helps...