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J&J Automotive
September 30th, 2011, 09:12
Good Morning,

Would like a bit of advice from someone who may have encountered this in the past.

I have a taillight out on the right side of the right on the passenger side of our 1968 LeMans. The socket appears to need replacement as it is a bit corroded and the bulb will not seat properly to make good contact. The housing looks good and the other taillight and the back up light appear to be fine.

Question: As this appears to me the bumper needs to be removed to access the taillight housing as I can't see a way to get to it from under the car. I must be missing something as I can't imagine the designers would have intended this would be necessary to replace a socket. I don't see access from inside the truck to this unit, only a plug to the housing through the back of the trunk pan. The housing does have screws visible on each side of the housing when the lens is removed, but they screw from outside the housing tward the inside, and again no access from under the car appears to be visible.

Has anyone else had this situation, and how did you remedy it?

I had contacted a POCI tech for this a few years ago without any valid resolution, he said I should simply get a new socket and replace it. This must (1968) be a one year design, as other years are accessible through the trunk.
Any and all information would be greatly appreciated.

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