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November 16th, 2010, 06:13
Did any Canadian Pontiacs come with a 409 in 1965?

Canadian built Pontiacs were available with the following engines in 1965:

230 CID 6 cyl. @ 140 HP
283 CID V8 2 bbl. @ 195 HP
327 CID V8 4 bbl. @ 250 HP
327 CID V8 4 bbl. @ 300 HP
409 CID V8 4 bbl. @ 340 HP
409 CID V8 4 bbl. with special cam @ 400 HP

I am currently aware of 4 cars equipped with 409 engines. There is also overwhelming evidence that suggests that when Chevrolet ceased using 409's and switched over to 396 engines part way through 1965, Pontiacs did not thereby making Canadian Pontiacs the last production passenger car vehicles to use the fabled 409 engine.

The following link shows one of these cars in action from a couple of weeks ago.


Raymond White

December 24th, 2010, 14:08
IIRC, Chevrolet went to the 427 ci engine.

Mike Nixon
December 28th, 2010, 19:17
In 65 You could buy either a 409 for a short period of time and when supplies ran out then a 396 / 427 Later style BBC engine. There was also a short period of time when a 427 W engine was offered domestically, no clue if that held true in Canada or not.

January 26th, 2011, 14:19
You can check with GM of Canada Historical Services - their service was not altered as a result of the bankruptcy and they are still operating. They have amazing records and you can call them at 905 440 7636

I have used them a number of times over the years for my Canadian Pontiac's.

February 22nd, 2011, 10:02
I know of a 1965 Pontiac wagon that had a 409 in it here in Calgary Alberta a number of years ago. The car was junk because of a fire but the motor survived. I know that because a friend of mine bought it, rebuilt it and put it in his 1962 Impala. I`m quite sure it was a 340 HP. motor. Ran really well too....